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Deficient communication amongst colleagues is a problem frequently encountered by many organisations.It is even more prevalent when colleagues do not share a common native language and use English as a “lingua franca”.

Non-native speakers of English invariably state that when communicating amongst themselves the English language is not a barrier. But as soon as a native speaker of English participates in their exchanges communication often breaks down.

This can lead to:

  • frustration
  • demotivation
  • wariness
  • alienation
  • the creation of “cliques”
  • an inward-looking attitude
  • resentment

on the part of non-native speakers, all of which are unconducive to collaborative work.

Native-speakers of English (particularly those who have not learned a foreign language) are often unaware of the complexities and peculiarities of their language and the resulting difficulties experienced by their colleagues.

To solve this Stefan Wheaton offers a one-day workshop.

This six-hour workshop helps native speakers of English to improve their communication with non-native speakers and focuses on the linguistic aspects which hinder it.

The first part of the day raises awareness of the linguistic problems encountered even by proficient non-native speakers of English when communicating with native speakers.

Amongst the topics covered are:

  • an introduction to the notion of English as a Lingua Franca and a discussion about its usefulness
  • a brief history of the language and the resulting complexities which confound the non-native speaker
  • an overview of the defining characteristics of the language which distinguish it from others
  • an introduction to the characteristics of a selection of other languages in order to help participants see the point of view of their non-native colleagues

The second part of the day builds on this and provides pragmatic, practical guidelines to help participants modulate their linguistic behaviour in order to improve their communication skills with non-native colleagues.

The workshop ends by comparing recognised notions of cross-cultural management with the solutions discussed during the day.

In order to promote meaningful exchanges the number of participants should be limited to 8.

For further information on this service please call Stefan Wheaton on 0155919672 or write to him at